27 Straight 5-Star Ratings for CSFECU

Recognized as One of the Strongest CUs in the Nation

January 2017: BauerFinancial, the Nation’s Premier Bank and Credit Union Rating Firm congratulates California State & Fed Emp #20 Credit Union, Eureka, California for ringing-in 2017 with its highest 5-Star Superior rating. California State & Federal Employees #20 Credit Union (CSFECU) is no newcomer to Bauer’s 5-Star Rating. In fact, CSFECU has earned this top honor for 27 consecutive quarters.

BauerFinancial has been analyzing and reporting on the nation’s banks and credit unions since 1983… providing ratings you can trust. Earning a 5-Star rating from Bauer indicates that CSFECU is one of the strongest credit unions in the nation. Some of the areas in which it excels are:

  • Capital – much more than is required by regulators;
  • Loan Quality – delinquent loan levels are manageable;
  • Profitability – while not-for-profit, credit unions must consistently remain in the black to ensure continued success.

Karen L. Dorway, president of BauerFinancial, commends California State & Fed Emp #20 Credit Union for maintaining a strong capital position while fulfilling its commitment to solving the financial needs of its members. “California State & Fed Emp #20 Credit Union isn’t pushing products or services on you that you don’t need or want”, says Dorway.  “It is there to provide a service and fill a need, which it has been able to do seamlessly while maintaining its pristine health.”

CSFECU was established in 1951 and has been providing quality services to its members ever since. Today, after 66 years, it operates through a conveniently located office on Wabash Avenue in Eureka and can be found on the web at csfecu20.com.

California State & Fed Emp #20 Credit Union: “Your 5-Star Credit Union”

Member of the NCUA and an Equal Housing Lender.

BauerFinancial, Inc., Coral Gables, Florida, the nation’s leading independent bank and credit union rating and research firm, has been reporting on and analyzing the performance of U.S. banks and credit unions since 1983. No institution can pay for or opt out of a BauerFinancial rating. Star-ratings are all available for free at bauerfinancial.com.


BauerFinancial, Inc. P.O. Box 143520, Coral Gables, FL 33114.

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