Online Banking look to be updated!

On February 8, the user experience of our Online Banking will be updated.

Below highlights some of the changes you can expect to see. If you have any questions or need help, by all means give us a call!

New Header Graphics

New graphics will appear in the upper right corner on every page: new-ux-4-icons

Use the new-ux-messagesto access Secure Messages. The red dot indicates the number of unread messages in your Inbox.

Use the new-ux-lockto make changes to your Logon ID, Security Code, Challenge Questions or Security Phrase.

Use the new-ux-gearsto access Preferences, make changes to your demographic information or manage your Accounts

New Title Look


Enhanced History Page



Use thenew-ux-gears icon at the top of the page to access Preferences. The Preferences page has various options that can be set to customize your defaults. Below are some additional preferences that have been added with this new look.


In short, a credit union is a cooperative financial institution where people work together to make everyone’s lives better. Everyone who has an account here is a member. And every member is an owner.

Rather than making profits to send to far-off shareholders, Compass CCU reinvests in our credit union. Which means we reinvest in YOU. That’s why we say that, at Compass Community Credit Union, we guide you to better banking.