Courtesy Pay Protection

Protect yourself from overdrafts

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Unforeseen expenses sometimes occur, and you might not have enough money in your account to cover those costs. Good news, Compass has you covered.

Compass will cover your overdrafts up to $500, including fees. This is not a line of credit. There is a fee each time we pay an overdraft on your behalf.

Courtesy Pay covers overdrafts from checks and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. And, only if you opt in, Courtesy Pay will also cover overdrafts from Automated Teller Machine (ATM) withdrawals and everyday debit card transactions. Not only does this save you from the embarrassment of a decline but you have the added protection to access emergency cash.


Courtesy Pay Coverage
Transactions Standard Coverage

Extended Coverage

(Opt in required)

ACH – Automatic Debits
Recurring Debit Card Payments
Cash Withdrawal in Branch
Online Bill Pay
Everyday Debit Card Transactions
ATM Transactions


To get the added protection, you will need to opt-in to Courtesy Pay.

Opting in means you may overdraw your account using your debit card and you are willing to accept any fees associated with those transactions. You have the right to revoke your opt-in and may change your election at any time.

Opting out means your debit card will be declined if you have insufficient funds to cover the amount of a transaction.

Restrictions apply, click here for the Courtesy Pay Disclosure.


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