Other Loans

To provide our members with the most options when it comes to lending, Compass Community Credit Union offers a range of additional loan products. So if you’ve ever wondered, “Does that credit union near me offer a mobile home loan?”, the answer is “Yes!”

Personal/Signature Loan

Borrow money from Compass CCU for a variety of needs, from debt consolidation to a new computer — using only your signature as collateral.

Share-Secured Loans

Just building or re-building your credit and want a loan with a low rate? A share-secured loan may be just the ticket.

Overdraft Line of Credit

With our Overdraft Line of Credit, you’ll never be caught short on your checking account. You’ll avoid the hassle and embarrassment of a returned check — and once you’re signed up, the coverage is automatic.

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Don’t see the specific type of loan you’re looking for? Visit a branch or call us at 707-443-8662, and one of our representatives can help you find it!