Terms & Conditions

This document, along with any other documents we give you pertaining to your account(s), is a contract that establishes rules that control your account(s) with us. Please read this carefully and retain it for future reference.


Notice of Change to Your Account Terms and Conditions

We are making two changes, as described below, to Your Account Terms and Conditions.
These changes are effective immediately. Continued use of your account constitutes acceptance of the revised terms and conditions. Keep this Notice of Change with your account records. The changes below are being presented in the order they appear in Your Account Terms and Conditions.

1. The phrase, “Unless otherwise provided” is being removed from the first sentence of the Stop Payments section. This change is being made to provide added clarity (i.e., that the section does not apply to a transaction governed by Regulation E).
2. The Claim of Loss section is being amended to clarify that the rules discussed in that section do not apply to a transaction or claim governed by Regulation E.

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