Go mobile, stay safe

Today, doing anything and everything on your mobile phone is extremely easy – often too easy.  Here are some simple tips to help keep your money, and personal information, safe.

Treat your phone like a computer: It may be smaller but contains similar confidential information.   Set a logon password to protect your information should you lose your phone. In addition to setting a password, enable the fingerprint security and/or facial recognition settings on your phone to better protect your information.”

Be careful when you connect to open Wi-Fi; you may be exposing your information to hackers. Only connect to known, secure Wi-Fi when conducting business that exposes sensitive data.

Never save passwords in a text document: Never save sensitive data or passwords to a text document on your phone.

Think before you download: Only download apps from trusted sources.

Equip your phone with protection: Take advantage of malware and virus protection. Avoid leaving your phone unattended:  If you don’t, “hacking” can be as simple as someone else turning on your phone.

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